Canada's NDP


April 1st, 2024

Poilievre can’t stand in the way of a National School Food program in upcoming budget: NDP

TORONTO – On Monday, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP candidate for Toronto—Danforth Clare Hacksel reiterated their party’s call for a National School Food program in the upcoming budget. New Democrats say no elected official should block, or delay this program that will help thousands of families across the country.

Food bank usage across the country is at its highest level since 1989 and more than one million children are living in poverty. Canada is the only G7 country without a National School Food Program.

“No child should be going to school hungry, and no parent should ever have to feel pain and guilt because they can’t afford good, nutritious food,” said Singh. “But while parents make big sacrifices to keep food on the table, grocery store CEOs like Galen Weston are making record profits at Canadians’ expense. Instead of standing up to corporate greed, the Liberals and Conservatives are standing by while Canadians get gouged and kids go hungry.”

In December 2023, Pierre Poilievre voted against establishing a National School Food program. And now Canadians have learned that Poilievre's top advisor lobbies for Loblaws. During his nine years in government, the number of Canadians living in poverty increased.

While the Liberals are suggesting there will be a School Food Program in the next budget, they made the same claim in budget 2019 but families are still waiting for help. In their 2021 Liberal Platform, they promised $1 billion to help over 3 million children access nutritious school meals, but no money has been provided.

“We won’t accept empty promises in the next budget. Canadian families need this program, and they need it now,” said Singh. “Pierre Poilievre pretends that he cares about hardworking people, but he votes against the help Canadians need every chance he gets. He’d cut health care, childcare, dental care and he’s been very clear he doesn’t want to help feed hungry kids through this program. And Justin Trudeau makes announcements about helping people then he lets them down.

“It’s time parents and students across the country had the support they deserve. Ottawa should work for you and your family, not for wealthy CEOs gouging you at the grocery till. New Democrats are going to fight to make sure this program is delivered in the next budget.”