Canada's NDP


November 15th, 2023

NDP calls on plan to lower grocery costs, as grocery chains rake in more profits

In response to Loblaw’s parent company seeing its third-quarter revenue hit over $18 billion, with an 11.7% profit increase for the same time last year, NDP Deputy leader Alexandre Boulerice made the following statement:

“An $18 billion quarterly revenue is unheard of. It isn’t normal, and all the while, people have been struggling as prices continue to climb. It’s clear that some large store chains are using inflation as an excuse to jack up prices.

Canadians can’t take it anymore. More than ever, families are being forced to turn to food banks or cut back in other areas to keep food on the table. It shouldn’t be like this.

The Prime Minister has a responsibility to help Canadians by bringing down costs – instead, he’s been delaying and disappointing. And Pierre Poilievre’s corporate-controlled Conservatives divide and say a lot of words but have no plan to help hardworking Canadians.

New Democrats are calling on all parties to support our plan that would lower food prices by increasing competition and giving the Competition Bureau more power to stop this unchecked price-gouging. It’s past time that families pay the costs of this out-of-control corporate greed.”